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Legal maturity date vs expected maturity date

legal maturity date vs expected maturity date

This term is used in the context of epping essex local news bond insurance, bank facilities and government programs.
Book entry A method of registering and transferring ownership of securities electronically which eliminates the need for free local sex in huron south dakota physical certificates.Syndicate A group of underwriters formed for the purpose of participating jointly in the initial public offering of a new issue of municipal securities.Junk bond A debt obligation with a rating of Ba or BB or lower, generally paying interest above the return on more highly rated bonds, sometimes known as high-yield bonds.Volatility A statistical measure of the variance of price or yield over time.Fully registered A security that is registered as to principal and interest, payment of which is made only to or on the order of the registered owner.Confirmation A document used by securities dealers and banks to state in writing the terms and execution of a verbal arrangement to buy or sell a security.
Ad valorem tax Latin: to the value added A tax based on the value (or assessed value) of real property.
Variable rate bond A long-term bond the interest rate of which is adjusted periodically, typically based upon specific market indicators.
If an early amortization trigger is activated, and the issuer is having difficulty paying the principal, then the controlled amortization period may be extended, sometimes for up to 3 years.
Municipal bonds that are also exempt from state and local as well as federal income taxes are said to have double or triple tax exemption.
Trustees sexual health clinic queen victoria morecambe are appointed to ensure compliance with the bond documents and to represent bondholders in enforcing their contract with the issuer.
Pro rata Proportional distribution to all holders of the same class, based on ownership.Scenario analysis Examining the likely performance of an investment under a wide range of possible interest rate environments.If the floating interest rate exceeds a stated fixed rate during the time of the cap agreement, the counterparty will pay the difference, based on the notional amount.Blended yield to maturity The combination and average of two points on the yield curve to find a yield at the midpoint.Maturities can range from one to 30 years.Defaults can also occur for failure to meet nonpayment obligations, such as reporting requirements, or when a material problem occurs for the issuer, such as a bankruptcy.Volume cap Dollar limitation of private-activity bonds that are allowed to be issued, by state, each year.

Net price Price paid to a dealer for bonds when the dealer acts as principal in a transaction,.e., the dealer sells bonds that he owns, as opposed to an agency transaction (see agency transaction ).
Ask price Price being sought for the security by the seller.
These components are maintained in book-entry accounts and transferred in trades (Treasury/Reserve Automated Debt Entry System).


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